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New York Reef Aquatic Zoanthids
Most of our corals in this section are specially selected for vibrant colors, larger sizes and have been quarantined in our coral tanks for a extended period of time.
All photo are taken under Ecotech Marine Radions with Supplemental LEDs.
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Lunar Eclipse Morph Green Magician Palythoa Speckled Lunar Eclipse Zoanthids
Lunar Eclipse Morph
Price: $19.99
Pink Elephant Palythoa Lunar Eclipse Morph Purple Heart Zoanthid
Lunar Eclipse Morph
Price: $39.99
Sour Twizzlers Zoanthid L.A. Lakers Zoanthids Sour Patch Zoanthids
Tutti Frutti Zoanthids King Midas Zoanthids Kiwi Strawberry Zoanthids
Red Tarantula Palythoa Red People Eater Palythoa Candy Apple Pink Palythoa
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