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Heyoo NYRA'ers
We're starting a new series of Giveaway episodes.
Pretty exciting. Yes indeed 🙂

(Click Here for NYRA Special Events Category)

Here's how it' works:

1)We issue a particular piece that's up for grabs.
2)There are 15 slots available to choose from.
3)Purchase a slot through our site under the "Special Events" Category. Make sure you select "RAFFLE EVENT" as the shipping option to avoid ship costs.
4) Each slot is $12.00. SHIPPED!!! (US 48 only) **Raffle is the Frag, Not the mother colony**
5) Stand a chance to win the piece that's INDEFINITELY WORTH MORE than the price of the slot.

Conditions are:

1) All 15 slots must be fulfilled in order for us to proceed with the Raffle series.
2) Time frame to participate is: Sunday 10/5/18 (approx 1 week)
3) If we fulfill all 15 slots before the end date to participate, we will commence the live draw the following day regardless of time frame.
4) IF the 15 slots are not fulfilled before the end date to participate - we will issue the full refund back to you, within 1-3 business days (Sorry, that's how the bank works.)
5) Available through our site ONLY, no slots will be sold through FB messenger or any other platform ( sorry 😞 )

How will you win?

1) We will do a LIVE FB draw and announce the time of draw beforehand. So you can sit with popcorn and watch 🙂
2) Once the winner is announced, we will notify the winner, and ship the item during one of our open ship days (Mon, Tues,Wed.Thurs)
3) You can also opt for In-store pick up within 7 days of announcement. Just let us know if you choose to do so.

Purchase Link :-

GIVEAWAY detail :-
1) No enter limit
2) WIN PRIZES are the frag, not mother colony. (approx 3/4 inch)
3) Choose your lucky number from the purchase link above
4) Check out our DOA policy : https://www.newyorkreefaquatic.com/returns.asp

ONE winner will be announced as "Coral Master" 😍👑
(And we will greet you as that when you PM us) :)

Winner can pick from (1) option below

Option 1 :
- Tierra Del Fuego frag & BubbleGum Digi frag & Butt Kisser

Option 2 :
- Tierra Del Fuego frag & BubbleGum Digi frag & Butt Kisser
- Hyper Jubillee (one polyp frag, top up $70 ONLY)

Option 3 :
- Tierra Del Fuego frag & BubbleGum Digi frag & Butt Kisser
- NYRA Neverbeast Zoanthids (one polyp frag, top up $60 ONLY)