New York Reef Aquatic
42-32 162nd Street
Flushing, NY 11358

Established in 2015
We are fish and coral enthusiasts! What started out as a hobby 15 years ago has turned into a passion and from that passion we established New York Reef Aquatic Inc. We have new livestock coming in every week with a large variety of fish, inverts, and corals. We take in all of our customers feedback, requests, and inquires and try to shape our business to cater their needs. We aim to be a local fish shop that's not just a provider - but more of a solution for all your aquarium needs! A place for other hobbyists to ask questions, swap stories and share their experience. There's still a ton for us to learn, and also a ton we want to share with others, and with that we opened up New York Reef Aquatic Inc.

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